There is a Day coming ahead,

When Man shall learn what Freedom means,

As he will welcome all his Dreams,

And all Tyrants shall He behead.

There is a Hope waiting to spawn,

When Man shall seek Wisdom for all,

As he will save his Mother’s soul,

And all Kings kill at this New Dawn.

There is a Truth, and only one :

Truth tellers, law makers all die,

trees and streams and birds in the sky,

Live forever without rule one.



The Light that brought us Angels’ tears,

Made us worship all of their fears,

The Dawn of Man soon was around,

And he knew to Hell he was bound.


The Darkness filled and destroyed all,

And all was well out of control,

The Dusk of Truth soon would arrive,

Hatred and Lust only to thrive.


Despair ! Destroy ! Worship mirrors !

Beware ! Unfoil ! Open Hell’s doors !

And soon all Life shall be undone,

And Mankind whole surely be gone.


The Hangman

We kill for those that we do love,
Igniting pain in unbred fears,
Complete with hate-filled liars’ tears,
We fight in spite for Death above. 

We love and hurt for we do scare,
Far too often and far too much,
And when we feel the hangman’s touch,
We crawl and bow before His stare. 

There is no Truth worth being told,
All books are written by liars,
Swines pretending to be friars,
Freedom never is far too bold. 

There is no hope, except in Death,
For in the void, nothing is real,
Forward the past, rewind the reel,
And welcome Life, in your last breath. 


I have fallen, down on my knees,
Struck by feelings that know me not :
– Feelings of doubt forecast to rot –
Now my anguish has found its ease.

Why, did my soul in torment ask,
Must we accept the aweful truth,
By which all men do sneak and sleuth,
Holding dearly what fits their task ?

I lie awake and dream of worlds,
Void of poor, lost wandering herds,
And every town would be open,

Welcoming in folks of steads far,
Carrying love and not a scar,
For peace follows hope for Eden.



Hate destroys ; love unites
Is what we all keep true,
But when the day is through,
Each man holds to his fights.

War kills and peace brings life,
Is what we all are told,
But when Man’s grey and old,
He keeps closest his knife.

Lies betray and truth saves,
Is what we teach our kin,
But when all life is sin,
Honour strays from the graves.

“Cattle die, kinsmen die,
You yourself will die,
I know one, which never dies :
The honour of the fallen ones.”



Look, and behold, we lost all hope,
As the leaders all lost their face,
Shamefully falling in disgrace,
Longing for the hangman’s tight rope.

Hear, and witness, we lost all joy,
As the last knights died off in pain,
Taking with them chivalry’s grain,
And all we wait for is to destroy.

Ride on, brothers in arms, and fight,
Love and honour, hold to them tight,
And spread the seeds of betterness,

Ride on, brothers in pens, and preach,
Love and honour, keep them in reach,
And spread the seeds of forgiveness.



Beware, oh sweet children,
The time of death has come ;
It won’t take all yet some
Will cast away the pen.

Beware, oh sweet lovers,
The time of pain is here ;
It won’t take all you fear,
Will you find your covers?

Forgive me oh sweet rain,
And wash away the stain :
The blood of all my kills.

Forgive me oh sweet wind,
And take me for I sinned :
My blood the arrow spills.