Passing thoughts and ramblings of a still young yet far too old man who was loved, did love, still does yet hates far too much.

French by birth, Austrian by blood, European by heart, Poet by fate.

I miss the past, I fear for the future of mankind. We are the worst : see, we know all we do is bad for us, for Nature, for the animals, but we keep on doing it. I care deeply about Man, and that is why I hate him for hating Himself.

I do not believe in what, to me, is nothing more than a children’s fairytale and that is monotheism. I believe in Nature, in its various forms. I also believe that our forefathers’ “religion(s)” was(were) not the blind worshippings of man-like deities but the caring and loving of Nature’s various aspects and the embodiement of this loving was done by men and women themselves, thus they became the gods and goddesses we know of today.

One final thing, I may post poems in many different tongues. Here is a list of those languages :
– french
– german
– english
– norwegian
– italian
– icelandic


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