Beast ! Ô Beast of the Earth!

Beast ! Listen to the words !

Strewn away by your misdeeds !

Heed the horns of warning high on crack !
Truth be told there was it, torn !

Decayed, rotting, despairing corpse !

Ghost in this hell, wanderer of the realms !

Plotting for your own desperate cry, free, hopeless !
Feel the wind, the yoke no longer draws !

The beating, of the drums ; dreams linger !

Rejoice for the daring, the lovers, the fools !

Guns blazing and swords clashing ; the Heroes !
And then, you shall Fall ; and in the Fall, the Sickness !

The burning of the Pride, the Joy of Heresy !

And the Flames collide and spread the seeds of Life !

When, with all my Heart in Peace of Mind !


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