To O. W. 
I have learnt few, but did so well,

That I may die in such a way

But never cast my soul astray,

And plunge head first unto the well. 
I have learnt this : all men shall die,

For it is ours, this burden low,

That throws upon our souls a blow,

And forces all to yield and cry. 
But Death comes forth, and mankind too,

For we do bare and we do stare,

And the void lone knows what to dare,

And we know not, and we keep true. 
But Truth is bold and so are we,

From sands to storm we stand on proud,

And Rome did fall ; what of the cloud,

And of the dream of history?
For we do dream, and we do aim

To keep the void from taking all,

To keep the meaning from the fall,

But we do hurt and so we maim,
For we do take and so we kill

To keep our lives from being dull,

To keep our hopes from the dark cull,

But we do hurt and do so still. 


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