All I wanted was peace
But you kept on with hate,
Destroying my own fate,
Killing me piece by piece.

All I needed was stealth
To keep my dreams alive,
But you made madness thrive
And gave ramblings their wealth.

All I wished for was pride
But you unleashed your doom
And wove upon your loom
A devastating tide.

All I crave for is Death,
Now that all hope has left
Due to your frantic theft :
Kiss away my last breath.

Nå får jeg endelig ro, og skal i evighet ro.



J’ai beau rêver d’amour parfait,
De douleur tue et de manèges,
De ton corps le plus grand stratège
Serais-je encore et bien au fait.

J’ai beau penser qu’un jour d’automne
Emportera tous mes soucis,
Loin de ces gens et loin d’ici,
Jusqu’à ce que le glas ne sonne.

Écoutes l’eau, le vent, la pluie,
Car de mes sens ils sont le puit :
Je ne me fie qu’à la Nature.

Le temps coule en une rivière
Qui se fiche de nos prières :
Vivons la vie en Aventure.


Alba Sophia

I’ve searched the earth, from East to West
Never looking back at the past,
And I do see this glance will last
And my love will withstand your test.

A kiss so deep our souls will join,
Torment and hate will disappear,
Blessed by love, never will fear
Matching faces of the same coin.

My white wisdom, keeper of love
Shining brightly over our souls,
Rejoice always in bed-sheet halls,
Let us join wings and fly as dove.



What is this sound that screams aloud?
Where are the men, so strong and proud?

What is this chill I feel around?
Where, tell me where, are we all bound?

What is this truth that I was told?
Where are the men, so free and bold?

What is this pride I feel come down?
Where, tell me where, is my Great Crown?

I try to speak,
I try to walk,
I try to talk,
But I am weak…