Hear : the sea calls,
And you’ve missed the calm smoothing waves.
See : the wind blows,
None know best what the seaman craves.

Hear : the guard calls,
And you’ve missed the horn of battle.
See : the gun blows,
None know best how the wars rattle.

The sailor man sings his story,
Of worlds gone by and lands afar,
Of heroes strong and deepened scar,
Of every man and his glory.


Carolo Magno

They paid the price, all for your lust
Of power, land and golden arrows,
Hidden in the coldest meadows,
And yet you are the greatest First.

You killed, you burnt, all for their sins,
Of pagan hearts bound to their lands,
Cut off their heads and bound their hands,
And yet you are the prime of Kings.

We know your debt, yet we forgive,
Of our hearts love only bursts,
We know we shall always be cursed,
And yet you are and we let live.