My heart is made of stone,
It breaks at every chance,
When I share a deep glance
Or when I am alone. 

My heart has broken too,
Far too many a time,
I keep hoping a chime
Will make my worries through. 

My heart is like a cloud,
It bursts out now and then,
A rain of tears of pain
And my silence rings loud. 

My heart is like a tomb,
From where my worries lept,
And my secrets are kept :
My heart is now their womb. 

I loved and loathed and throve and clothed and now undressed I see myself : a Man. 



Surely there is a man in here
Who could have foreseen all these pains,
Who would have given back his gains
Honoring those who live in fear. 

In death there is no honor left,
The ways trotted in days of past
Now seem like a faraway mast
Rotting again in awful theft.

Beware, children of the future :
Distance is now only a lure
Made by our wicked bigotry.

Please bound yourselves to your own soil,
Promise the world never to spoil
And welcome speech, in poetry.



Are you afraid to walk untreaded paths? 
To witness our deaths and their aftermaths?

Are you aware that the future is vain?
That our past is lost and present is pain?

Do you see the rose shine bright overhead?
The footsteps of children wrongly mislead?

Do you hear the sound of eternal void?
The voices of men utterly destroyed?

Walk, and never turn…
Follow the path that goes nowhere…
Dive into the abyss…
You will find what you have never sought…



In the realm of eternal glory, death reigns supreme, ruler of all things Man. A point of view old and decayed, perpetrator of a forgotten world. Truth lies still on forest ground, awaiting the death of all. Victory will come to all and none, and Mother will rejoice. A matriarch with no descent fears not a thing and waits in glory. Trust in no one, least of all your self, for you are your worst enemy. Disguise and hide, bury and cloak, dwell underground, never fly ! Be like a worm, a toad or fox, for they outlive the best of men. They dig their graves as their cradles, deep underneath the core of Jord.