You are the bright beacons that light
The Earth with all of your delight. 

You are the safe havens of minds
Whenever all around us grinds. 

You are women, so proud, so free,
And no one can be blind to see

You are the now, and the future,
The past of pain turned to leisure.

You are women, so young, so proud,
You scream your pain, you shout aloud,

You teach us love, when there is none
And that hatred is best when gone. 

Women, tell me what I did wrong,
So that I may grow tall and strong,

Women forgive our weaknesses,
They were part of Man’s madnesses. 

There was a time when Man was one,
Then came Woman and made him two,
Forever bound and entwined too,
They formed again a perfect one. 


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