I wish I could ride day and night,
Through fields of green that dreams unfold,
To foreign lands and tracks of old,
In memories lost out of sight. 

I wish I were the man you knew,
When love was fierce not torn apart,
Death as given, right from the start,
And not a scare could turn you blue. 

The storm I ride comes crashing in,
The tides of war kill everything,
And not a soul is left behind,

The more I hate, the more I care,
Fear not my blade, but fear my stare,
The skull and bones are in my mind. 



They came and drove us off our land,
Talking about their final stand,
From which there was, to God a hand,
That made their dreams the rightful band. 

We spent our lives on these warm shores,
Working too hard, with open doors,
The brightest minds all did their chores,
To keep us still in myths and lores. 

Now that we left, they crave a road,
Off to the west, in search of gold,
Youth and glory, for they were told,
God sees righteous the one who sowed. 

Jamais je n’aurais cru ma mort,
Si on me l’avait contée même,
Mais au fond je sais qu’Allah m’aime,
Et avec moi la patrie Maure.



The last sign of days gone by,
Slowly creeps upon the sky,
Tearing it from East to West,
A decading primal pest. 

She stood there and knew I loathed,
Far too nude and yet still clothed,
Despair incarnate in full,
Proving this to my own rule. 

Folly sighed when she took all,
Waved away, without a call,
And freed my soul from her love. 

Farewell, adieu, do be safe,
Pity, listen, do not strafe,
And free yourself up above. 

Ich gab ihr Alles, und mein Wille,
Nun war es leider nicht genug. 
Sie war ein Tier, ein Mensch in Flug,
Ein Wolf versteckt, in die Spiele. 



You are the bright beacons that light
The Earth with all of your delight. 

You are the safe havens of minds
Whenever all around us grinds. 

You are women, so proud, so free,
And no one can be blind to see

You are the now, and the future,
The past of pain turned to leisure.

You are women, so young, so proud,
You scream your pain, you shout aloud,

You teach us love, when there is none
And that hatred is best when gone. 

Women, tell me what I did wrong,
So that I may grow tall and strong,

Women forgive our weaknesses,
They were part of Man’s madnesses. 

There was a time when Man was one,
Then came Woman and made him two,
Forever bound and entwined too,
They formed again a perfect one. 



Grace was stolen from the soil,
In many ways mankind did spoil,
The glory of the olden days
Has gone away, and madness stays. 

Heathen men bound to heathen lands
– In sacred oaths made hands in hands –
Were taken from their ancient ground,
In a horrific toxic sound. 

Forever torn mankind will lose
All of the dreams and all the rules
That made some sense, to some extent,
And fall into the dark descent. 



Glorious brothers bound until death,
Beware of not becoming less. 

Ready your swords for the big fight,
Ready your hearts for the great night. 

Touch with your hand the signs above,
Reach for the sky to teach you love. 

Prove that you are the truest lords,
Kings among men against the hordes. 

Tag und Nacht bleiben wir,
Singen wir, tanzen wir,
Leben wir, sterben wir,
Für Ewig glauben wir.



Fathers proudly destroy,
Their hands holding the toy,
A sword or loaded gun,
To kill in endless fun. 

Mothers sadly do mourn,
Their hearts forever torn,
Giving birth to their blood,
Swept away in the flood. 

I would kill to see wars,
The plagues, breeders of stars,
Wiped from the golden earth. 

I would die to witness,
The end of all this mess,
The cleansing of this curse.