I wronged my soul
By wronging you.
I wasn’t true :
This made my fall. 

I wanted more,
Love and caring,
Lost in wanting,
I became sore. 

Know I was strong,
I had no choice. 
I miss your voice,
Still, I was wrong. 

Now, I am old,
I want to leave,
But cannot weave
A brand new fold. 


Wotan und Brunhilde

Brunhilde war stark mit träumenden Herz.
Sein ganzes Leben gab es ihr nur Schmerz.
Nun kam Siegfried her und gab ihr alles,
Liebe und Flammen und die Kraft Todes.

Odin, the blind seer,
In his hall up high
Saw the lovers nigh :
At them cast his spear.

Now always entwined,
The lovers begun
Their march to the sun,
Where their bliss they’d find.

Odin took the girl
From the loving boy,
Forever in joy
In death he will swirl.



A thousand tears are falling down
From the ashes of this dead dream.
Never should I have been around
To witness the end of this stream.

Now, forever am I lost here
In this golden dreamy garden ;
I woke and dreamt in day-time fear,
Never to cast forth this burden.

As beautiful as life can be
Death is as bright as the sunlight,
The nightmare sets ; all can you see,
Forevermore in loving fright.

Fear not, embrace the eyes that come,
In night-time’s dawn, the dreams awake,
For the lonely and the lonesome,
Who hate this world, made for the fake.



Listen : the wind blows dim,
Atop the mountains’ rim;
The rivers flow softly,
As we, men, live slowely.

Time stands still ; we live life,
Carving our food by knife.
So it was meant to be,
Forever are we free.

Still, the crown awaits all,
On them, the dagger’ll fall.
The judgement day soon rise,
When all shall pay the prize.

The spirits be punished,
The souls all be vanished.
Green of the earth : no more,
And all the men be sore.



Il faut se libérer de l’Être,
Cette entité trop inhumaine,
Qui fait de l’amour une haine,
Et qui transforme l’Homme en traître.

Il faut aussi jeter l’Avoir,
Cette idée folle et bien trop vieille,
Qui fait d’un ami son seul fiel,
Et qui fait de la vie sa foire.

Aimons, rêvons et oublions,
Tous nos problèmes en tourbillons,
Et vivons en un seul instant.

Fêtons ensemble ce qui fût,
La joie passée, les jours perdus,
Rêvons toujours, en oubliant.



I am the chosen one,
And you my death-bringer ;
My lifelong life-giver,
I am your fallen one. 

Reach for my hand and hold,
The feelings once so strong ;
Now seem to not belong,
We were once but so bold. 

You walked as my shadow,
Through all my weary life ;
You made promises thrive,
And all my darkness glow. 

Now fate has come and soon,
The bells up high will chime ;
We’ll fly away from time,
And reach beyond the moon. 

Valkyrjen min, i himmelen,
Står du nederst, på vi som er,
Var og vil bli, opp på jorden,
Kom og møt meg, i hvite klær. 



I’ve been to where the dead walk proud,
And where their voices scream out loud.

I’ve stood strong where the dead once did, 
And where their footsteps never hid.

I’ve roamed the halls of ones up high,
The gone, the dead, those who did die. 

Their memory is worth the talk,
And in their path, we try to walk. 

From Arminius to Sophie Scholl,
I salute thee, those who did fall.