“Wein und Blut sind Morgenrot”

Ô great Circle, be you a god?
Be you the Light that all do seek?
The answer to Life, dull and meek?
The Truth we all have left abroad?

I see no end, I see the void,
I see no friend, I see darkness,
I see no hope, I see sadness,
I see all mope, all is destroyed. 

What Mother needs is her kids to leave,
They have raped her too many times. 
The Earth will not forgive their crimes,
Their doom is printed on the weave. 

Wein und Blut sind Morgenrot,
Doch hatten wir nicht die Wahl?
Wir konnten sehen, durch den Saal,
Als wir bekamen Wotans Brot. 


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