I saw myself today,
Wearing a mask of grey. 
T’was my body cold and dead,
Forever lying in its bed. 
No tear adorned my face,
Did not envy another place. 

I saw a lifeless body here,
And none of it brought me fear. 
T’was the twilight of my life,
And all I heard was the fife. 
No other sound could have been heard,
Oh how my life has been absurd. 

I saw the end, please fear it not,
Be it by age or by the knot. 
T’is merely the natural end,
To which all life does have to bend. 
No one escapes its deadly claws,
Be you a saint or have all flaws. 

A dwarf am I,
I dwell in the earth. 
Please pass me by,
I was not the first.


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