Why do the best of feelings bring out the worst in us?
Peace breeds war and love breeds hate ; a thought hidden bursts out like flames. Violence brings more violence yet none of it still counts when death comes knocking. 
Truth breeds lies and life breeds death : the circle goes on and no one knows a thing. Answers bring more questions and the head, like the circle, like the earth, keeps on spinning, forevermore. 
Order breeds chaos and freedom breeds slavery. Forever trapped in this world, men know the answer, yet none care to take a stand. Life breeds life, and death sits back, true master of existence. 
The rings, placed on each finger ; the necklace enlacing the head ; the body is ready to meet its destination. Propped and dropped in the hole, you will be missed a hundred years. 
And so it goes on since the first apes gazed at the stars. 
“I am the One who holds the answers. I am the King of Kings, the Seer of Seers, the Dawn of Man !”
Tens of thousands of years, and still the same bit, are we all so shallow?


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