I would love to see you be free,
Flying away to never be
A memory inside of me,
Which I conquered to make you see. 

I sure dream of those wasted nights,
We spent awake in endless frights,
Scarring our minds with hopeless fights,
Instead of saving the delights. 

I wish I could be young again,
You would be free of all these men. 
They torture me, and I my pen,
Oh how I wish I still was ten. 

Still we had fun ; have no regret,
On our love, I would still bet. 
Honour the day we would have met
Again under a new sunset. 

I did love you, and so did you,
But that love did make us feel blue. 
We cursed ourselves ; said we are through,
We loved our love, but hated too. 

Please fly away,
Far from me, stay. 
I will love you,
Forever true.


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