“Wein und Blut sind Morgenrot”

Ô great Circle, be you a god?
Be you the Light that all do seek?
The answer to Life, dull and meek?
The Truth we all have left abroad?

I see no end, I see the void,
I see no friend, I see darkness,
I see no hope, I see sadness,
I see all mope, all is destroyed. 

What Mother needs is her kids to leave,
They have raped her too many times. 
The Earth will not forgive their crimes,
Their doom is printed on the weave. 

Wein und Blut sind Morgenrot,
Doch hatten wir nicht die Wahl?
Wir konnten sehen, durch den Saal,
Als wir bekamen Wotans Brot. 



Why do the best of feelings bring out the worst in us?
Peace breeds war and love breeds hate ; a thought hidden bursts out like flames. Violence brings more violence yet none of it still counts when death comes knocking. 
Truth breeds lies and life breeds death : the circle goes on and no one knows a thing. Answers bring more questions and the head, like the circle, like the earth, keeps on spinning, forevermore. 
Order breeds chaos and freedom breeds slavery. Forever trapped in this world, men know the answer, yet none care to take a stand. Life breeds life, and death sits back, true master of existence. 
The rings, placed on each finger ; the necklace enlacing the head ; the body is ready to meet its destination. Propped and dropped in the hole, you will be missed a hundred years. 
And so it goes on since the first apes gazed at the stars. 
“I am the One who holds the answers. I am the King of Kings, the Seer of Seers, the Dawn of Man !”
Tens of thousands of years, and still the same bit, are we all so shallow?



I saw myself today,
Wearing a mask of grey. 
T’was my body cold and dead,
Forever lying in its bed. 
No tear adorned my face,
Did not envy another place. 

I saw a lifeless body here,
And none of it brought me fear. 
T’was the twilight of my life,
And all I heard was the fife. 
No other sound could have been heard,
Oh how my life has been absurd. 

I saw the end, please fear it not,
Be it by age or by the knot. 
T’is merely the natural end,
To which all life does have to bend. 
No one escapes its deadly claws,
Be you a saint or have all flaws. 

A dwarf am I,
I dwell in the earth. 
Please pass me by,
I was not the first.



I would love to see you be free,
Flying away to never be
A memory inside of me,
Which I conquered to make you see. 

I sure dream of those wasted nights,
We spent awake in endless frights,
Scarring our minds with hopeless fights,
Instead of saving the delights. 

I wish I could be young again,
You would be free of all these men. 
They torture me, and I my pen,
Oh how I wish I still was ten. 

Still we had fun ; have no regret,
On our love, I would still bet. 
Honour the day we would have met
Again under a new sunset. 

I did love you, and so did you,
But that love did make us feel blue. 
We cursed ourselves ; said we are through,
We loved our love, but hated too. 

Please fly away,
Far from me, stay. 
I will love you,
Forever true.



I’ve always wondered,
Wandered in my mind,
Why do we deserve,
To die, not to find :
A Kingdom in Heaven,
Walhalla, or a Hell.
Listen to me, friend,
The story I will tell. 

I was born nine-teen ninety,
Under the sign of the Goat. 
Call me not God Almighty,
Your pain’s not my fault. 

I have travelled the world,
On my mighty horse. 
I was my own mighty horde,
Carrying blood, smoke and force. 

I have loved, I have loathed,
And never did back down.
To my Evil was I host,
A smile adorned my frown. 

I was dead before I lived,
Was a slave yet I was free. 
The strong chains with which I heaved
Did not move my own tall tree. 

I wanted so much more,
And received the littlest part. 
Now my whole has become sore :
When did all my sadness start?


Roue Solaire

L’Homme aime et puis il hait,
Il oublie qui il est,

Ne voulant accepter,
Niant la vérité,

Il détruit l’Univers,
Rêvant sa vie en vers,

Trainant de par le Monde
Sa vérité immonde. 

Le Futur maladroit,
Formé par ses cinq doigts,

Jettera l’Homme au trou. 
Tournera donc la roue,

Celle avec qui le temps,
Voit hivers et printemps,

Et la joie naturelle
Sera bien la plus belle. 



Be lost and dazed,
Still so confused,
Never amazed,
Far too abused. 

Wander the night,
Stuck in the dream,
No end in sight,
But a dark beam. 

Be like a child,
With hopeful heart,
Be free and wild,
Love only art. 

Believe, and preach,
But only love,
Fear they who teach,
And the black dove.