Triste vie que celle d’un rat :
Détesté par la terre entière,
Forcé à vivre de poussière,
Pour se cacher des yeux de chat. 

Il est pire et c’est vie de chien :
Esclave de ses sentiments,
Devoir tout faire, et gentiment,
Attaché, toujours, par un lien. 

Tous deux rêvent de liberté :
Être capable de voler,
Ne plus avoir à s’isoler,
Et pouvoir montrer sa fierté. 

L’Homme est un rat et c’est un chien :
Se laisse mettre en esclavage,
Et son hobby est le carnage,
Au nom de ce qui est son bien. 

Il y a une différence :
Le rat et le chien sont des bêtes,
Et l’Homme est tout simplement bête,
Prophète de sa triste chance. 



I have walked many a mile,

I have seen tears of despair,

I have been oh far too fair,

I have talked ’bout your smile.


Now that the tide has been turned,

Now that the waves come crushing,

Now that the crave comes rushing,

Now that the hide has been burned,


Listen to my sweet prayer,

Listen as I won’t wither,

Listen to the calm weather,

Listen as comes the slayer :


Brothers should unite and dance,

Brothers should observe the stance,

Brothers should stand back and prance,

Brothers should take this one chance.


Revolt !



Though we may be of different kins,
Various colours adorn our skins,
We share this one and only dream,
We fight for the true righteous team. 

Though we come from many a home,
All the roads will lead us to Rome,
We’ll build a new and bigger town,
And all of us will wear a crown. 

Though we come from various mothers,
We’re forever bound as brothers,
We wish to be one and the same,
Passing on our sacred flame. 



A free man seeks a God,
To beat him with a rod
When he has done no good,
To make him feel more crude. 

A slave wishes for peace,
For he knows not Justice,
But the one in his heart,
A perfect and true art. 

Beware the Preachers’ lies,
They see men as sick flies,
Their hands must crack the whip,
Holding us in their grip. 

Free yourselves from all chores,
Open all the world’s doors,
Fly off on Freedom’s wings,
Plucking on desire’s strings. 

Liberty, I call thee !!!



The morning light shines true,
As feelings kept are through,
The windless nights be warm,
And yet again you harm,
Nothingness was my hope,
With pain I could not cope,
Love, feeling pure and best,
Was put to your own test,
Me, myself, my own fiend,
By your caring was cleaned,
And hate soon did vanish,
For your love did banish,
All thoughts that were unreal,
And put on them a seal,
Of wax of rose and dust,
Of romance and of lust,
The pillars soon collapsed,
And each night we relapsed,
Atop the highest hill,
From my lungs burst a thrill,
Love, the greater, was born,
It stung me like a thorn,
A glorious strike that freed,
The beast in me in need,
And now forever yours,
I follow your own course. 



How can I keep my sanity
When days on end feel like a dream,
When flowers die and lovers leave,
When you were real but now a beam?

How can I trust my own feelings
When all I knew has turned to dust,
When all those thoughts were just some flings,
When all my sores have become crust ?

How can I live and not just die
When trust was laid and taken back,
When you are gone, yet you were mine,
When all I want is self-attack?

Ô you Master, inside my brain,
Come taste my pain and feed it too,
I need your hate, it feels insane,
I wish to kill, I feel so cruel.


Riding Fields

Come ride into the past with me,
We’ll discover the things to see,
Wonders of how we should be free,
Caring for all in memory. 

Come dream away in sleepless nights,
We’ll learn to love hating all fights,
Wonders of lust, glorious delights,
Caring for us, aiming our sights. 

Come lay your soul, release your pain,
We’ll teach ourselves to make love plain,
Wonders of what we’ll surely gain,
Caring for mind and body, sane.