I hear the stream of Mother Rhine,
As the Sun rises : see it shine. 

I hear my fellow friends, the crows,
And what they do say, no one knows. 

I hear my forebears weep, they saw
The world they knew, up in flames, go. 

I hear my brethren making schemes,
Wishing to be more like machines. 

I hear my fears, they crave me too,
I feel so down, I feel so blue. 

I hear the world turning to shit,
Still, I wonder : “Well, is this it?”

I hear my thoughts I scream aloud
When face to face with a deaf crowd. 

I hear the end, it is so nigh,
And all I want is to get high. 

I hear my heart beat ever slow,
The bell does chime, now : here I go. 


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