I hear the stream of Mother Rhine,
As the Sun rises : see it shine. 

I hear my fellow friends, the crows,
And what they do say, no one knows. 

I hear my forebears weep, they saw
The world they knew, up in flames, go. 

I hear my brethren making schemes,
Wishing to be more like machines. 

I hear my fears, they crave me too,
I feel so down, I feel so blue. 

I hear the world turning to shit,
Still, I wonder : “Well, is this it?”

I hear my thoughts I scream aloud
When face to face with a deaf crowd. 

I hear the end, it is so nigh,
And all I want is to get high. 

I hear my heart beat ever slow,
The bell does chime, now : here I go. 



Oh, all around the globe,
As far as eyes can see,
As far as winds do blow,
The minds of men do flee. 

A thought of hatred lies,
For years on end and still,
The hope for freedom flies,
Of free men and their will. 

Curse me not, I am you,
In veil of dark and blue,
Forlorn but still alive. 

Give to me untorn hope,
Loving me as your dope,
A fragile burning hive.



I long for you, but is it sane?
It seems so tempting, yet in vain. 

Wish for these arms to hold you tight,
And whisper slowly in the night. 

Lovers are we, so shall it be,
In love forever, you will see.

The cold grip of unending days,
Will kill our love, in many ways.

We will regret, and curse our names,
Our hatred will feed these flames.

They will go up into the air,
Filling the void with their despair.

Flames, most holy, flames, oh so brave,
Come back to me, for you I crave !

The fire burns and kills inside,
The fire burns, cuts like a knife,
No, there is no one who can hide, 
And yet its path is full of life.