Ormurinn Langi

Slowly sneaking upon his enemies,
The ship that sails across the open seas,
Carries a pack of furious raging wolves. 

“Are you men of honour or of misdeeds?”
Asks the king, leader of all the waves’ steeds,
“We are bound forever, for we are wolves !”

Soon, the battle will be drawn to its end,
And all of those who strongly did defend,
Will be called above by the fallen ones. 

“Send them unto me, in my hall up high,
Rejoice forever, for your end is nigh,
Join my side, my pack of wolves, fallen ones.”



In my right hand I see an axe :
And in the left a strong round shield
To protect me from any attacks
Which befall on the battlefield. 

When the foe attacks from afar
My bow and arrows shall I use,
But I prefer the deeper scar
Of steel on flesh rather than ruse. 

Hail the hammer, the lightning bow,
The one-eyed father, hail the crow,
Forever more shall it be so. 

Hatred and lust I do not know,
In love I thrive, in trust I grow,
Forever more shall it be so. 



Across the fields I ride
A horse with locks of gold. 
The story has been told,
Love that fights against pride. 

Joined and bound with honour,
A maiden and a boy,
Sharing all of their joy,
That makes the others sore. 

Mount the steed, leave behind
All the worries that blind
The sight of the young pair,

Ride on and never stop,
Until you reach the top,
Lovers each just and fair. 

Sometimes it seems to us,
That life should not be thus,
Search the half that you miss,
Welcome feelings of bliss !


Merry Mary

Here hatred harbours hope,
Open to love as dope,
Cleansing disease reclaimed,
Feelings shot at were aimed.

Trust in your own demise,
Destiny in disguise,
School of treaturous foes,
As the heart ever rows. 

Bound, this you are, not I
A tear drips from my eye,
Whisper closer and hold,
The hand that once was bold. 

Your name stood up as mine,
Woman and man so fine,
Equals in kin til death,
I long to smell your breath. 

Again, we part, for good,
It seems, and so it should,
You were my wind, my gage,
To my life’s only page.