I see a circle, it fits well my soul, 
Indeed, it protects and suits every part,
Its branches spread far, encompass each art,
It enables me to find truth in all. 

I see a pattern, it resembles me,
In fact, it belongs to my own nature,
It’s part of me and it shall I nurture,
It allows me to be completely free. 

Vultures have stolen it, and its meaning,
They suffered dearly for understanding,
They put their hands on the pride of my kin,

Wolves and crows will eat their hallowed bodies,
They will suffer into eternities,
For they brought us their most unholy sin. 

Ô magic circle, you give me power,
Against all the filth that brings this shower,
Protect me, envelop me, my tower,
Make all your enemies flee and cower !


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