You laugh when the flames burn inside,
Soon there will be nothing to hide,
Óðinn will welcome you with pride,
Come join the chosen at their side. 

You fought with honour until now,
And made all your enemies bow,
And Flósi had no idea how,
To make the laughter leave your brow. 

Soon, Kári will know of your demise,
With vengeance as his only prize,
Trusting only the fiend who dies,
Deceived by none of their foul lies.



Death is my only friend,
Forever I’ll defend. 

Trapped in a freezing cold,
The Moon does feel so old. 

Beams of warmth come no more,
The Sun, dead at its core. 

Nature, where have you gone,
Do you hate what we’ve done?

Men, how I despise you,
You destroy your own due. 

Welcome, my fellow Beasts,
Join me in endless feasts. 

Sacrifice the Forlorn,
Rejoice with the unborn. 

Mother, please forgive me,
I could not make them see. 

Father, shine again, please,
Give us your warming ease. 

The Circle comes complete,
Our fiends do we defeat.

The Serpent bites its tail,
The gods, now, do we hail !



Je sens le temps s’en prendre à moi,
Il m’affole et m’apporte émoi. 

La Chance est à compter parmis
Mes sœurs, quoique mon ennemie. 

Nous, amants, nous aimions bien trop,
Et jamais ne trouvions repos. 

Las de tout, je ne veux plus rien,
Si ce n’est retrouver mon bien. 

Flamme, où t’en es-tu disparue?
Je te cherche au-delà du ru. 

La nuit qui tombe effraie un peu,
Éclaire-moi avec tes yeux. 

Donne à mon sein la joie ravie,
Et à ma mort un peu de vie. 

Je sens le sommeil me gagner,
À tout jamais mon cœur cogner. 



Often I tend to lean,
To the left, then the right,
“Why must life be so mean?”,
Ask my dreams, in fright. 

Soon, I know the answer,
“There is no bad nor good”,
To myself I whisper,
But I keep the same mood. 

Days gone by, days to come,
All seem the same to me,
Knowing where I come from,
Does not show where to see. 

Months turn to endless years,
Those I love must I leave,
Hatred soon turns to fears,
And myself do I grieve. 



Dreaming away,
I’m drifting off,
To distant shores,
To never see,
My memories,
Into their eyes,
I would perish,
I miss my half,
Perhaps far more,
And foreign thoughts,
Surround my whole,
I blame my head,
But who’s to say,
You went and left,
And now alone,
I hate myself,
So lost and dazed,
But still wandering,
The sleepless halls,
Nightmares come true,
Witch of my nights,
Why did you leave,
To never be,
In longing home,
You would return,
Loving always. 


Gîte Sénile

You hide yourself under a veil of dark,
For you are a bitch and the hounds do bark,

When they see your face ; they scream for hours,
They claim as their own what had been ours.

I will stay in the light and preach love too,
For I am a god : to none answer to,

When I pray for mercy, it is not vain,
I gather my strenghts for all I will gain.

Cast aside the false beliefs :
They cause nothing but griefs.
Trust in Nature ; Love as well,
The pillars, they all fell,
I did love you and no else,
Now, in my heart, hate dwells.


Love Answers So

Love must live ; and longing lovers
Lust for living life-like others.

Heir of honour, I hate horror,
Hailed in harrows, hidden odour.

Dressed in damp, dark, drenched denim,
Deep in dolour, deep down and dim.

Sorrow saved my soul ; a servant
Safely sitting a silent scent.

For fathers to fathom figures,
Few fell and fought fading failures.

Now are narrow ; in never rests,
Not an answer in neon nests.

Alert arrows alert a bow,
Asserts answers and answers so.