We rode, a dozen men in whole,
Across the raging, treaturous sea. 
Not even the wisest could foresee,
Our lives would be sent to the hole. 

In the old fortress, we forged a pact,
To a new King we sealed our fate,
To his enemies we would show hate,
We remained true, and that is fact. 

Three times, we fought battles and won,
We protected the King and his son,
And never did our shields bend !

But, when we claimed what was, ours, due
Never did the King, once, come through
So, against him did we, our weapons, send !

Jaroslav, what you claim, we gained,
Know, our knees and shoulders never feigned. 
Now, Peace is across the lands,
From mountains to soothing sands. 

Thank for this the sons of the North,
The Norns, to you, have sent forth.
Now, Peace will be between the brothers,
Thanks to us, and none of the others. 

Now, we can rest in eternal peace.
Now, we will stay in eternal peace.


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