My mind is like a train : 
It’s moving much too fast.
When others show disdain,
I know my thoughts will last. 

My mind is like a storm :
It’s showing no remorse. 
When others hate its form,
I know I will enforce. 

My mind is like a tomb :
It’s silent and obscure. 
When they enter my womb,
I know I will endure. 

My mind is like a crow :
It’s lonely but in pair. 
When others get in row,
I know I will not spare. 

Defy the mind and you defy the hand,
The vengence that no one can ever stand,
For I know everything you hate and fear :
Death makes you forget all that you hold dear. 



Everywhere I go, do I carve one rune :
It protects me and it makes me immune. 

No sword, nor axe, nor arrow can hurt me :
It protects me : it makes me oversee. 

No spell or charm can make it go away :
It protects me and will forever stay. 

No bear or wolf can tear my skin apart :
It protects me and we shall never part. 

Oh, glorious tree, elk-kin !
You honour my skin,
Never shall I bow to sin,
Oh, glorious tree, elk-kin !



We rode, a dozen men in whole,
Across the raging, treaturous sea. 
Not even the wisest could foresee,
Our lives would be sent to the hole. 

In the old fortress, we forged a pact,
To a new King we sealed our fate,
To his enemies we would show hate,
We remained true, and that is fact. 

Three times, we fought battles and won,
We protected the King and his son,
And never did our shields bend !

But, when we claimed what was, ours, due
Never did the King, once, come through
So, against him did we, our weapons, send !

Jaroslav, what you claim, we gained,
Know, our knees and shoulders never feigned. 
Now, Peace is across the lands,
From mountains to soothing sands. 

Thank for this the sons of the North,
The Norns, to you, have sent forth.
Now, Peace will be between the brothers,
Thanks to us, and none of the others. 

Now, we can rest in eternal peace.
Now, we will stay in eternal peace.


Who needs you, and why?
You are but a lie,
I wish you would die,
Leave without a cry. 

Where did you come from?
You lack dad or mom,
You crave for boredom,
And love only some. 

When will you just cease?
We caught your disease,
There, you feel at ease,
We smash you, like flees. 

Die, oh won’t you die, money !
You are not my dear, honey !
To me you’re just a phoney !
Leave and don’t return, sonny !



Green fields far as eye can see,
There, is where I want to flee.
The elders went, and came back too,
Because the skrælings made them fools.

Now we ride the waves’ steeds,
In hope to make known of our deeds.
We’ll send word for men to join,
To gain in mass honour and coin.

The years go by, and still we stay,
Up on the hills is where we lay
Steads made of wood and farms of gold.

Defend our homes and fight each day,
Between the steads, a path we fray,
We will stay here, let it be told !



She has the clearest eyes,
Makes me need no disguise.

She makes me want to see,
As dark as I may be.

She guides my hand to her,
I, sole gift to offer.

She brings light to darkness,
I need her in my mess.

She closes every wound,
My life has been resumed.

Do come hither, my precious maid,
Shine over me, with golden braid.
Let us join til the light shall fade,
Keeping only the dreams we made.


Tidlig om Morgenen

I saw a light today :
It shone so bright. 
There is not much to say :
I lost my sight. 

Above me, there she stood :
The one who knows. 
To make it understood :
My goddess rose. 

Gold hair and silver eyes :
A love sublime. 
Each tide of love brings cries :
A perfect time. 

Now forever in pain :
I fear my love. 
There is too much to gain :
She is my dove. 

When I woke up to frightful dreams,
I thought ‘there is no hope, it seems’.
But now, I am reborn in beams,
Of loving light, in glorious streams.