Hawkish fiends all around,

I fear I am Hell-bound.

A weird scent surrounds me,

Fog through which I can’t see.

A loud noise floats above,

With the void I’m in love.

As man, as beast, as slave,

I’ve risen from the grave.

But still I fight, what else,

Would help reverse my mess?

And yet all hope seems lost,

For all men are maggots.

Mawkish stench everywhere,

The proof that I don’t care.



To burn a bridge

You must cross it

You must be fit

And must not cringe

To build anew

You must raze first

And you shall curse

Those who eschew

To raise a throne

You must sack one

And be the swan

That will condone

To beat your fears

You must face them

And you must claim

All they hold dear



O fields of green, O trees of old,

I feel so young, yet feel so cold.

O heavens high, O hells beneath,

To whom wills it, all I bequeath.

O men so bold, O women strong,

Find me a home where I belong.

O gods of old, O icons new,

I never throve but still I grew.

Deep in my heart there is a god,

I bow to him ; but does he nod?

Does he despair? Does he repent?

Does he regret? Does he lament?

Or has he seen deep enough still,

To know that I have had my fill?


The End

A sightless pit in which I drown

Keeps pulling me far up, far down.

An eyeless lid, of pure disdain

Keeps shutting me far off, in pain.

I’ve slept and dreamt, but woken not,

For sorrow wills and I will not.

I’ve hoped and prayed, but still I fade,

Darkness eats all and I am made.



Listen, I am but a witness

To the sickness which we call truth

Listen, and please let me confess

Before my neck falls on a noose.

Hear me, children both young and old

Lest all of you follow my path

Hear me, and fall back in the fold

For in darkness all is a farce.

Watch me, I am heralding doom

I foresaw it deep in my soul

Watch me, I am a deep blue moon

In the shadow of a black hole.

Yes, I am Death, my own and yours

Forever lost behind shut doors.



I am but a clone

Of my unborn self

I started the theft

Of my inner throne.

I am but a ghost

Bound to endless roads

I can’t count the nodes

Bound to my dead host.

I am but a shell

For the fears that sprung

If ever I hung

Fortune won’t pray tell.

I am but a husk

That shattered in birth

I’ll never find hearth

That brings peaceful dusk.



Let’s ride the waves,

Both you and I ;

What the one craves,

Makes the fool cry.

Let’s feed the thirst,

Jump in the flame ;

What makes the first,

Can’t be the same.

Let’s be the best,

Become heroes ;

We’ll smell the zest,

Of the pure rose.

Let’s touch the skies,

And meet the gods ;

When one defies,

We’ll both be lords.